What do you mean "Made in Melbourne"?

We cut the leather, sew it, paint the edges and install the hardware here in Melbourne. South Melbourne to be exact.

Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we only ship to Australia. Due to the border closure and the limited flights, shipping overseas has been severely affected. We will resume international shipping hopefully before the end of the year.

Can you customize the belts?

We accept limited customisation. But if you want to change the color of the stud, the stitches or need a custom size, please get in touch

Do you have any stockists around Victoria / Australia?

At the moment, we don't have any stockists but if you live in Melbourne, we can come and show you the belt. Just contact us using the dialog widget.

If the payment secure?

Yes, we use Stripe, one of the most reputable company in the world. We don't store your payment details, they do.